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The District’s Department of Emergency Services is committed to the protection of life and property during the event of a major disaster on campus. In the event of a major disaster the District will activate the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for the coordination, communication and the integration of local state and federal assets necessary to save lives, protect property and public health following an emergency. The District’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) addresses extraordinary events, major incidents, or disasters, from mitigation and preparation through response and recovery. The EOP is in compliance with state and federal guidelines and policies. Furthermore, it describes the Incident Management Team (IMT), complete with titles, job descriptions, and duty checklists.  The organization is based on the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS), which provide clear line of authority, direction, and communication during emergencies.

Emergency Services established the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Committee (EDPC) which meets weekly to review current and ongoing projects and plan drills focused on emergency preparedness at the college. Emergency Notification System exercises are sporadically practiced by the EDPC and IMT to evaluate current response concepts, plans and capabilities in the event of a major disaster, including injuries, disruption of utilities, destruction of property, transportation and communications. This includes the Blazecast Notification System implemented to communicate directly with all classrooms.  Additionally, the AlertU Notification System alerts cell phones signed up with AlertU. We encourage all staff, faculty and students to sign-up (free). The system can be used to notify entire student populations, faculty and staff members of school closure and contingency plans due to unforeseen incidents. It's crucial that we are able to notify students, staff and faculty quickly in time-sensitive situations because up-to-date communication helps minimize the spread of misinformation, restore order and provide direction. 
Today we are forced to prepare for situations that years ago we never could have anticipated happening. We recognize the important role that immediate communication plays in safety and have selected AlertU that will allow us to keep students, faculty and staff informed by text message alert. To properly implement this service, it is important that we have up-to-date contact information for all students, staff and faculty. If you have not yet done so, sign up NOW
Campus Security is the primary responder to most emergencies on campus.  The majority of the emergencies that take place on campus are medical which security coordinates with Fire & Ambulance.  Santa Barbara Police will respond to all violent incidents including an active shooter on campus.  If 911 is called regarding a medical, dangerous or violent emergency it is important to call Campus Security Emergency, X2400 from a campus phone or (805) 730-4200.  Campus Security will help direct emergency responders to the location of the incident.  The college holds the safety and well-being of its students, staff and visitors in the highest regard.  We encourage everyone to contact Campus Security if you witness any suspicious activity or have any safety concerns while on campus.   


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