Marine Diving Technology

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MDT 101: Information and Introduction to Marine Diving Technology

Overview of marine diving and the SBCC Marine Diving Technologies modular curriculum. Assessment of swimming, diving and mathematical skills. Primary purpose is to provide information on the modular concepts, equipment requirements, fees and application process required for enrollment in the MDT Program.

MDT 104: Fundamentals and Practices of Diving
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H or ENG 110GB

Modular study of diving physics, physiology, dive planning and safety. Stresses the importance of environmental and equipment-related situations. Computations utilizing various decompression profiles emphasized.

MDT 105: Advanced Scuba Techniques
(1.7) - CSU, UC*
Corequisites: MDT 101

Practical application of Scuba diving techniques and skill building in the confined water and open ocean environments. (*UC Transfer Limit: MDT 100 and 105 combined with PE activity and HE 213: maximum credit, 4 units)

MDT 106: Open Water Navigation And Rescue
Corequisites: MDT 105

Practical application of navigation and rescue skills in the ocean environment.

MDT 107: Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
Corequisites: MDT 101

Theoretical and practical application of hyperbaric chambers and treatment of diving and non-diving related accidents. Hands-on practice utilizing department's recompression chamber facility is the focus of laboratory activities.

MDT 108: Rigging
Corequisites: MDT 101

Introduction to and practical application of basic rigging techniques, including knots, splices, block and tackle, and marlin spike.

MDT 109: Seamanship and Small Boat Handling
Corequisites: MDT 101

Modular study and application of small boat handling, maritime rules of the road and navigational principles and practices.

MDT 111: First Aid For The Diving Professional

Modular certification program in oxygen administration, first aid for hazardous marine life injuries CPR and AED use, with emphasis as a first responder to diving-related accidents. Certification available through appropriate agencies, which include, American Red Cross and the Divers Alert Network (DAN).

MDT 112: Introduction To Marine Welding

Introductory module on the theory, practical application and procedures of cutting and welding in the topside environment. Skills are acquired and developed in welding shop environment. Prepares students for MDT 145 which is taught in the welding booth and underwater training tank.

MDT 140: Principles Of Surface-Supplied Diving
Corequisites: MDT 105

Limitation on Enrollment: Must be a certified diver by a nationally recognized scuba diving agency Introductory module which exposes students to the various types of diving apparatus and procedures in confined water training tanks. Emphasis on tending, dress-in and operational procedures which parallel a surface-supplied diving operation.

MDT 141: Commercial Diving Equipment
Corequisites: MDT 101

Course presents principles of operation and maintenance as applied to diesel engines, diving compressors and pneumatic tools. Particular emphasis placed upon identification of the various fittings used in an industrial environment. In addition, the maintenance and repair practices and procedures relating to surface-supplied diving head gear and diving umbilicals are presented and applied.

MDT 142: Surface-Supplied Ocean Diving
Corequisites: MDT 140
Course Advisories: MDT 141

Study and practical application of advanced tethered diving working procedures and operational theory. Particular emphasis is placed on charting dive profiles, computing decompression schedules and organizing field operations. All lab activities conducted in open sea environments which simulate actual working conditions likely to be encountered in commercial diving.

MDT 143: Mixed Gas Diving
Corequisites: MDT 142

Advanced modular study of the physics and application of specialized gas mixtures, gas diving apparatus, decompression tables and operational procedures.

MDT 145: Principles Of Underwater Cutting And Welding
Corequisites: MDT 112 and MDT 140

Introductory module on the theory, practical application and procedures of welding and burning in the underwater environment. Skills are acquired and developed in a wet diving training tank. Prepares students for advanced techniques which are applied in the open sea environment.

MDT 146: Advanced Underwater Cutting And Welding
Corequisites: MDT 142

Advanced practical application in the use of underwater cutting and welding techniques in the ocean and open water environments. Students utilize foundational techniques in advanced surface-supplied ocean diving to perform a multitude of individual and team projects.

MDT 147: Ocean Structures
Course Advisories: MDT 101

Modular study of ocean structures likely to be encountered in the marine industry. Focuses on nomenclature and types and construction of offshore platforms, pipelines and other subsea structures.

MDT 148: Hydraulics I
Corequisites: MDT 101

Study of industrial fluid power mechanics with a practical laboratory component as related to marine equipment. Emphasis placed upon schematic design, interpretation and the role of hydraulic equipment and control systems as applied to subsea work systems, tools and work class remotely-operated vehicles.

MDT 152: Underwater Tools And Inspection
Corequisites: MDT 140

Study of techniques and tools used to collect data and perform inspection work in underwater environments. Students use a variety of equipment in hands-on application including subsea video cameras, ultrasonic equipment and other non-destructive testing devices. Students apply advanced diving skills in assembling and disassembling various underwater projects in an open sea environment.

MDT 154: Bell And Saturation Diving Procedures
Corequisites: MDT 143

Intensive exposure to saturation diving theory and a practical application of skills in bell/saturation diving. Practical training in bell and saturation diving operations, equipment and procedures. Culminates with the performance of a round-the-clock saturation diving run in the department's saturation diving complex.

MDT 179: Nitrox Diving
Corequisites: MDT 101

Modular study of EANx NITROX mixtures used in diving. Two optional open water dives may be made upon successful completion of classroom portion. Certification through the International Association of NITROX and Technical Divers (IANTD) as a NITROX diver is available upon completion of the entire course.

MDT 190: Assessment And Development Of Diving Competence

Introductory module designed to enhance student knowledge of diverse employment opportunities in field of commercial diving. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement mandated orientation and safety training.

MDT 290: Work Experience In Marine Diving Technology
Course Advisories: MDT 101

Limitation on Enrollment: Must be a currently enrolled MDT student with a current physical exam (within one year). Supervised employment for MDT and related technologies majors whose career objectives, course study and employment complement each other. The student must be employed in an occupation directly related to the Marine Diving Technologies major. The student must also be enrolled in no less than seven (7) units, including Work Experience.

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