Electronic Door Lock Access

Staff and faculty ID cards are issued in the Campus Security Office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The request for electronic access to specific doors must be submitted in writing to Campus Security by the immediate supervisor, director, chair or dean of the individual. The request must indicate the rooms and/or buildings to be accessed.

The supervisor, director, chair or dean may only approve access requests for buildings or departments that they are responsible for. If the room and/or building are under the primary supervision of another supervisor, director, chair or dean, then an approval must be obtained from that supervisor, director, chair or dean as well.

All active permanent Classified Staff, Full-time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty are automatically uploaded into the "Parking Lot Gate" access plan every January and August or when Security is notified of a new hire.

All adjunct faculty access is activated the week before every semester begins and ends a week after the semester ends. This is necessary to ensure that only active employees have access to college facilities.

Anyone who loses an ID card must immediately report the loss to the Safety office at (805)730-4064 so that a new ID card can be printed.

Anyone with knowledge of improper access to or use of ID card access should report the information immediately to his or her supervisor, director, chair or dean as well as Campus Security.

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