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The Learning Resources Center provides access to an extensive media library of course related DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes for a variety of subjects. Course specific multimedia software applications are also available on computers in the LRC Computer Commons. These media titles and software applications supplement instruction for a variety of subjects taught on the SBCC campus. Titles from the media collection can be viewed at individual viewing/listening stations and some media materials may be viewed on computer stations within the Computer Commons lab. Students and staff may search the collection by accessing the Media Resource Look-Up. You can also check digital resources out at the front counter Including Chromebooks, chargers.

Media Resource Look Up

Alexander Street Press Videos

Common Questions:

  • Students can check in and out of media stations and computer stations at the LRC front counter. The front counter is located on the right side after entering the LRC main entrance. 

    Front Counter Wide Shot

  • To access video titles or multimedia programs available in the Computer Commons, students need to check in at the front counter and provide a valid SBCC student ID or K number. Students also need to provide the call number for the video title they would like to view. The call number can be found using the media look up station across from the front counter. Students using multimedia programs to complete class assignments in the computer commons need to know the title of the assignment that they are working on so that counter assistant can make sure they get credit. Students can watch media titles on individual or group viewing stations. Students may also watch some video titles at PC or Mac computer stations if compatible media is available. Media materials do not circulate outside of the Learning Resources Center. 

    Media Station

  • Students may search media titles at the video look up station across from the Front Counter. This database may also be accessed online here.

    Media Lookup Station

  • Since the LRC media collection supplements instruction, the media materials need to be available to all students to access for plus hour and homework assignments. Thus, media materials do not circulate outside of the Learning Resources Center and may not be taken home. 

    Media Resources

  • The LRC provides supplemental instructional materials for a variety of subject areas including Anthropology, English, Culinary Arts, Film Studies, Music, Physical Education, Work Experience, and more.  We recommend that students who need to access media resources in order to complete a specific assignment bring a printed copy of their syllabus and/or assignment along with you to help determine what you need to watch or do for class. Bringing a copy of your syllabus also helps us provide you with the correct resources. Some syllabi may be available for review at the front counter when the instructor has provided a copy to the Media Technician in advance.

    Example Syllabus

  • All individual and group viewing stations are supplied with headphones for student use. However, students may bring their own headphones to use at viewing stations.

    Student with Headphones

Have more questions?

Contact Julio Martinez at (805) 965-0581, extension 2669 with questions or inquiries regarding the media resources collection. 

Media Technician Julio Martinez


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