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SLO Collection Cycle

Cycle 1: Summer 08  - Spring 12
Cycle 2:Summer 12 - Spring 15
Cycle 3: Summer 15 - Spring 18
Cycle 4: Summer 18 - Spring 21
Cycle 5: Summer 21 - Spring 25

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A more detailed description of the full SLO cycle includes eight primary components.

1. Write or revise SLOs and identify the measures for assessing their attainment for each course, state-approved certificate and degree, and student services program. Incorporate SLOs in course-of-record outlines, course syllabi, and the college catalog.

2. Map course SLOs to the department’s program SLOs (PSLOs) and to the Institutional SLOs (ISLOs). In case of revision, ensure that SLOs are still correctly mapped.

3. Implement SLOs in courses and instructional and student support programs and introduce them to students early in the semester.

4. Collect and report data on student achievement of the SLOs.

5. Review the results on student attainment of the course, program, and institutional SLOs.

6. Develop and implement a Course Improvement Plan (CIP) to improve student learning and achievement.

7. Use the program review process to assess student achievement of each of the program SLOs and on the basis of those results to develop Program Improvement Plans (PIPs).

8. Use the results on student achievement of the ISLOs to develop an institutional improvement plan to increase the progress students make toward acquiring the competencies associated with each of the institutional SLOs.


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PSLO Assessment Results Cycle 1 (Summer '07 - Spring '12)

PSLO Assessment Results Cycle 2 (Summer '12 - Spring '15)