Requests for Proposal

2024-2025 CAEP Santa Barbara Adult Education
Request for Proposal Period

Request for Proposal Timeline & Procurement

The Santa Barbara Adult Education Consortium (SBAEC) allocation for the Year-­10 grant cycle is $1,006,673.00. This application is due no later than August 16, 2024.

All awardees are expected to expend funds no later than March 31, 2026.

The Consortium has historically awarded 70% or more of its total funding to programs.  In 2023-2024, award allocations ranged between $20,000.00 -­ $200,000.00.

A comprehensive and competitive Request for Proposal submission will align with the California Adult Education Program (CAEP) grant and the Consortium's goals and objectives listed on the Request for Proposal application. 

The Consortium welcomes the public, students, teachers employed by local educational agencies, Community College faculty, principals, administrators, classified staff, and the local bargaining units of the school districts and community colleges to submit SBAEC Request for Proposal. Only members of public institutions and nongovernment entities and organizations may apply for programmatic funding. 

Supporting Documents
(I) CAEP SBAEC Annual Plan (2023-2024)
(II)  CAEP SBAEC Three-Year Plan (2022-2025)
(III) SBCC School of Extended Learning BW Research Economic and Workforce Gap Analysis for Adult Education Students (2022-2023) 

Request for Proposal Instructions

(I) Complete the 2024-2025 Santa Barbara Adult Education Consortium Request for Proposal Application.  As a reminder, all awardees are expected to expend funds by March 31, 2026. Your timeline of activities should reflect expenditures by the deadline. 

(II) Email the 2024-2025 Santa Barbara Adult Education Consortium Request for Proposal Application to

(III) The Request for Proposal Application is due NO LATER THAN AUGUST 16, 2024.

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Santa Barbara Adult Education Consortium. You may be asked for clarification during the review period. Approval of applications will be announced at the SBAEC Public Meeting on September 4, 2024.