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Retirement Plans/Benefits

CalPERS - Public Employees' Retirement System

What is CalPERS? CalPERS is a defined benefit plan where retirement benefits are based on a formula rather than contributions and earinings to a savings plan.  Retirement benefits are calculated based on a member's years of service credit, age at retirement, and final compensation (average salary for a defined period of time).  For more information go to the CalPERS website here.
Customer Contact Center: (888) 225-7377

Mailing Address:
Member Services Division
P.O. Box 942704
Sacramento, CA  94229-2704

Glendale Regional Office
655 North Central Avenue, Suite 1400
Glendale, CA  91203

If you need to change your CalPERS beneficiary information, please complete the Pre-Retirement Lump Sum Beneficiary Designation

CalSTRS - State Teachers' Retirement System 

What is CalSTRS?  CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program is a traditional defined benefit plan that provides retirement, survivor and disability benefits.  Your defined benefit retirement is based on a formula set by law using your age, service credit and final compensation.  For more information go to the CalSTRS website here.

Local contact: Laurie Hankins

Individual appointments are available in two locations:

SBCEO Office:
4400 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara

North County Office:
402 Farnel Road, Santa Maria

For individual and group appointments at either office, please contact the CalSTRS Call Center at 1-800-228-5453 and choose option 3. Individual appointments can also be scheduled using your MyCalSTRS account and choosing the icon labeled Schedule a Benefits Planning Session.

Registration for general workshops can be located at the CalSTRS website

If you need to change your CalSTRS beneficiary information, please complete the Recipient Designation 


One year prior to your retirement make sure to attend a CalPERS or CalSTRS Retirement Planning Workshop.

Four months prior to your retirement start to complete your Service Retirement Application provided through CalPERS/CalSTRS and decide on a retirement date.

Three months prior to your retirement make sure to reach out to Sharon Remacle in Human Resources who handles the retiree health benefits to determine whether you will continue on a district sponsored health plan as a retiree.  Depending on your years of full-time service with the district and your age, you may qualify for a district allocation.  

Your active employee benefits will end at the end of the month of your last working day (for faculty your last contract day).  Regardless of the date you chose as your retirement date with CalPERS/CalSTRS, your active employee benefits terminate at the end of the month in which your teaching contract ends.

Based on your age at the time of retirement and years of continuous full-time service with the district, you may qualify to receive a district allocation toward district sponsored retiree benefits.  Click on the your employee group to see if you qualify:

Classified                           Confidential                                    Educational Administrator/Manager/Supervisor                                  Faculty

To view a short video on retiree benefits and retirement click here 

If you are 65 years of age or older, you will need to enroll in Medicare Part A & B.  You can go the the Social Security office to begin this process.  Begin this about 2 months prior to your retirement date.  The Medicare Enrollment application form can be located here.

The CalSTRS Benefit Express Report is completed by payroll.  Please contact your payroll representative to process.  Click here to obtain the form.

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