VDI 2FA Setup Instructions

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now required to access the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure system (VDI). Follow the instructions below to set this up.

  1. Log in at https://auth.sbcc.edu  (2FA Account Management)
  2. Choose "Registered Email Address" and/or "Registered Phones"  (We recommend to add multiple methods.)
  3. Add your personal email and/or phone.
  4. Enter the code it sends to verify it.
  5. Refresh the Account Management page.
  6. Choose "Multi-Factor Delivery Methods"
  7. Change "Website Login" to your chosen method (phone or email)
  8. Log out, exit the browser.
  9. Go back to https://vmview.sbcc.edu
    Codes should now be sent to your chosen 2FA method (phone or personal email)

More 2FA Instructions, Information, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)