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University Transfer Center 

Our SBCC University Transfer faculty and staff are available to assist you in pursuing your goal of transferring to a four-year institution. 

UTC Summer 2024 In-Person Hours of Operation

The UTC is eager to assist and support your unique needs while navigating the four-year university and college process. We provide transfer resources and counseling services to empower SBCC students to achieve their desired transfer goals. 

Mondays                8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Tuesdays 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Wednesdays 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Thursdays 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


UTC Summer 2024 Remote | Virtual Hours of Operation

Mondays                In-Person Only
Tuesdays In-Person Only
Wednesdays In-Person Only
Thursdays In-Person Only
Fridays 8:30 am - 1:00 pm


UTC Contact Modalities

Telephone   UTC Student Program Advisor Appointments   Email


Counselor of the Day: Virtual Transfer Assistance Drop-in Counseling | Open to All

COTD will resume the week of September 2nd

Counselor of the Day: Virtual Drop-In Assistance

Transfer Counselors providing express (<10 minutes) assistance with four-year transfer, TAG, and admission questions.


The SBCC University Transfer Center Team

University Transfer Center [UTC]                                                     | 805-730-4347
Yoli Contreras - Administrative Assistant II
Marisa Flores - Student Program Advisor | Student Appointment Scheduling
Transfer Achievement Program | 805-730-4344
Andrew Mize - Part-Time Faculty Counselor
Cenorina Castelo - Part-Time Faculty Counselor
JennyErika Barco, Ed.D - Full-Time Faculty Counselor | Coordinator
Julio Zamarippa -
Part-Time Faculty Counselor
Laura Piña - Part-Time Faculty Counselor
Pablo Diaz - Part-Time Faculty Counselor
Sarah Bernal Obispo - Part-Time Faculty Counselor
University Transfer Academy [UTA] | 805-730-8744
Derrick Banks - Part-Time Faculty Academic Counselor [In-Training]
Renato Marques - Part-Time Faculty Academic Counselor
Julio Martinez - Part-Time Faculty Academic Counselor 
Angela Warren - Full-Time Faculty Academic Counselor | UTA Coordinator 
Dr. Cami Vignoe - Part-Time Faculty Academic Counselor
Program | Center Assistants  
Jocelyne Rodriguez Solano - Transfer Achievement Program  [TAP]
Camila Angeles -  University Transfer Center [UTC]


UTC Special - Empowerment Programs

The SBCC Transfer Acheivement Program

Please check Starfish

In-Person Counseling Assistance | SBCC University Transfer Center, SS-140

  • Mondays:        Varies
  • Tuesdays:       Varies 
  • Wednesdays: Varies
  • Thursdays:      Varies

Virtual | In-Person Assistance - Appointment Scheduling Information

  • Mondays:         Varies
  • Tuesdays:        Varies
  • Wednesdays:  Varies
  • Thursdays:       Varies
  • Fridays:             Closed 


The SBCC University Transfer Academy [UTA]

Please check Starfish

In-Person Counseling Assistance | SBCC University Transfer Center, SS-140 

  • Mondays: Varies
  • Tuesdays: Varies
  • Wednesdays: Varies 
  • Thursdays: Varies

Remote | Virtual Assistance - Appointment Scheduling Information

  • Modays: Varies
  • Tuesday: Varies
  • Wednesdays: Varies 
  • Thursdays: Varies
  • Fridays: Closed