Career Skills Institute (CSI) Employers


Provide your employees the training they need.

The Career Skills Institute offers a series of short courses that have been carefully selected to provide your employees with the training needed to advance in their job and/or provide the skills needed to grow your business. SBCC career skills courses are packaged together to earn a certificate and digital badge – demonstrating the newly acquired skill. We collaborate with Santa Barbara community business leaders to determine what skills are needed to survive and compete in the marketplace. We work with current programs to supplement your training program and/or provide group/individual training. All classes are tuition FREE. Currently classes are offered in-person or via online on the Zoom platform.

How does it work?

Most courses are offered in a “flipped” classroom. Students watch video instruction from LinkedIn Learning for homework and come to class to apply the skills learned. Class time is spent tackling real world problems and creating solutions. The result is a learned skill, with a portfolio piece to prove it. LinkedIn is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, technology and design skills to attain their personal and professional goals. The Career Skills Institute enhances the LinkedIn experience by bringing students and industry together in the classroom to address real world challenges

What are Digital Badges?

A digital badge is a unique and portable digital representation of your certificate that you can post on your online pages that promote you and your skills, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Digital badging allows employers to grasp a deeper picture of your actual skills— just what they need to assist in their hiring. In addition, the badges connect you to labor market data and live job openings that match your skill set. To see a current list of digital badges/certificates go to 

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Emma L Cruz