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The Smart Money

SBCC Presents a Student's Guide to Financial Fitness


Let's Start With the Basics

When it comes to reaching your goals, a quality college education is only half of the equation. Young adults who adopt savvy financial habits during college are more likely to be successful, and less likely to enter their next stage of life in debt.


The more you learn, the more you earn.


 Nearly half of community college students say they do not have confidence in their financial literacy skills.  


 Adults with financial literacy skills enter retirement with approximately twice the wealth of those without.

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Tools and Resources

Calculating Costs

Housing and living expenses in California coastal cities rank among the highest in the nation.  Keep close track of your housing, living, transportation, college and leisure expenses by building and sticking to your own, custom budget plan!

Build Your Budget

Checking the Boxes

The U.S. Department of Education suggests 10 simple things students can do to get on the path to financial success, from seeking every possible source of financial aid, to maintaining safe, secure online spending habits. Are you doing everything you can to get ahead? 

Take Your Next Step

Self-Guided Success

Staying on top of your finances takes discipline, but with a positive attitude and work ethic, you can train yourself to make smarter decisions with your money every day. Start with this three step “self affirmation,” suggested by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Make the Pledge