2023-2024 Forms

Fall 2023, Spring and Summer 2024


The SBCC Financial Aid Office has introduced a new easy, mobile, personalized process that makes everything about navigating financial aid easier. Providing the best student experience is important to us. You want to be able to complete the Financial Aid processes on your own time, on the device of your choice. We’re proud to say that SBCC students will be able to:

  • Complete the majority of your financial aid forms on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Securely upload documents from any device.
  • E-sign documents—both you and your parents! Manage your financial aid tasks online.
  • Receive automated reminders about outstanding tasks and next steps. 
Log into your campus account to view all of your financial aid unsatisfied requirements. 
Verify My FAFSA/CA Dream Act

If you need to verify your FAFSA/CA Dream Act application to finalize your financial aid, you will be directed to complete the online FAFSA verification process. 

We encourage all students filing a current FAFSA/CA Dream Act application to activate their accounts. This link will bring you to your account login. Input your username and password and it will transfer you to the verification page. You can also use this link to re-access your account.

PARENT Users: Please use this link to activate your Parent Account. If using the same computer as your student, please use a different internet browser to access the link above. This will avoid the browser recognizing the student's account.

  • Instructions to activate Student and Parent accounts.
  • Instructions to Create your E-Sign PIN
  • Instructions to Reset your E-Sign PIN


Additional forms might be required to complete your financial aid file. 

We have made it possible for you to submit these documents electronically (unless specifically instructed to mail originals i.e. Statement of Educational Purpose must be mailed in or completed in person at the Financial Aid Office). Please follow the directions below. 

HOW TO TURN IN DOCUMENTS:  If your application is incomplete and you need to turn a document into the financial aid office, you may do so by clicking here.  This will take you to an account login with the SBCC logo. You will need to enter your SBCC email, first name and last name.  Ignore the company box

Once you click continue, the next page will ask you to either drag a document into the space provided, or you can choose to look for the document by clicking the 'Browse files' link. You will then just need to select the document that you want to submit.  If you have several documents, you will need to repeat this process for each document.
Once documents are selected, you need to click the 'Upload' button on the bottom left of the page. After you click the button, you will receive an email letting you know they have uploaded a file to ShareFile.
Be sure to complete your documents carefully.  Incomplete documents will have to be returned to you. If a signature is required, you must print the document, hand sign it, and reload it to the shared file.  PDF is preferred.