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Campus Portal Login Troubleshooting and Info Guide:

Access to your campus account can expire if you have not been actively enrolled and completing courses.  If you are returning to take classes, re-applying for admission will restore your access.  You can do this here:  Account access to the campus portal is usually restored within 1-2 days after submitting an application for admission.

Former student just looking for a transcript or history of courses taken?  campus portal access is not needed.  Order transcripts here:

Former student just needing to pay a bill?  Please contact the Cashier's Office for options here:

  1. Make sure you wait at least 2 minutes after resetting your password to allow our systems to catch up with the changes.
  2. Make sure your password meets the necessary requirements:
    8 to 15 characters max
    1 upper case letter
    1 lower case letter
    1 special character (not @ "" > < " spaces or tabs, or non ASCII (example ñ)
    1 number (Avoid consecutive strings of three or more numbers, (example: 8546)
  3. Log in only with your campus assigned username, NOT your campus email address.
  4. Make sure you are going to , and not using a bookmark or letting your browser auto fill the address.
  5. Turn off, or temporarily disable any password or form savers in your browsers. Sometimes these will override what you type in the password field without you seeing it.
  6. Try a different browser than the one you are using such as Firefox, Edge (PC), Chrome, or Safari (mac)
  7. Try incognito or private browsing mode in your browser. This will bring the page in without old cached pages, and files.

Regardless of age, college officials will only assist the student with access to a campus account, which contains records covered under FERPA.   Please have your student call Enrollment Services (805) 965-0581 x4086 for assistance.  Additionally, students at SBCC are expected to act on their own behalf, not only out of respect for student privacy, but also to fully engage students in college administrative processes that are essential for their success in college.

Calls to Enrollment Services will be returned in a timely manner.  Additionally, visit the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions Page

Please Contact Admissions to make sure your namedate-of-birth, and approved ID (usually your SSN) match exactly what is on your file.

Admissions/Enrollment Services Contact Info:

For most students, it's the last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN).  If not, it could be one from the following list:   Please Contact Admissions to verify what approved ID type is listed on your account.

  • Social Security Number (SSN) Most common
  • California Community College ID (CCCID)  Number assigned to you when you applied to the college through OpenCCC
  • Social Security Alternate Number (SSAN)  Sometimes called a "999" number.  (International Students)
  • Tax ID
  • Lumens ID (number used when registering in School of Extended Learning fee-based non-credit courses)

Contact IT User Support and request that it be *reset. You will need to provide some personal information for verification of your account.
*Security Questions are reset at scheduled times*

Receiving any of the following log in error messages?

too many redirects
CAS validation failed
This page isn't working
ellusian. User Name Not Found.

If you experience this issue,  you need to clear the SBCC specific cookies in your browser.  Please follow the instructions below:
Clear SBCC specific cookies in your browser

You were assigned a temporary SSN number sometimes called a "999" number when you applied to the college. You will need to retrieve this number in order to lookup your campus login information. Please contact Admissions if you are not able to locate this number.

Unofficial transcripts are available through campus portal accounts for current students only.  Former students can only obtain official transcripts.  Please go to for ordering information.

Campus accounts and all associated school resources are to be used only for school related business.  Your campus account will be fully active and available to you while you are actively enrolled in courses. If you are not enrolled in courses, restrictions may apply.  Below are scenarios.

New, or returning former student: Once you initially open or re-open a campus account by applying to the college, you are given access to most features, but full access won’t be granted until you enroll in a course.  Until then, the following restrictions apply:

  • Campus email: Sending and receiving email to SBCC email accounts only ( or Email to and from non-SBCC email accounts will not be sent or received.
  • Campus Google Apps: No access to google drive, docs, sheets, forms, and slides.

The day after you enroll in a course, those restrictions are lifted and you will have full access.

If you do not enroll and complete a course within two regular semesters (Spring or Fall) the limited access google account will be subjected to deprovisioning and eventually deleted. (Note: academic records, personal information, transcripts, etc., will not be deleted and are kept in Admissions and Records.)

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