Prerequisite & Corequisite Clearance

At Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), a prerequisite is a course that a student must pass before enrolling in the more advanced course. Equivalent skills or prior experience that a student possesses may also be accepted as a prerequisite for a course. 

A corequisite is a course that a student must enroll in at the same time as, or in some cases prior to, enrolling in the desired course.

Pre/corequisite requirements can be found in the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES.

Students may be cleared in the registration system for enforced prerequisites and corequisites in the following ways:
  1. Assessment. Assessment results may satisfy some English, ESL and/or math prerequisites and/or corequisites. Please refer to the Assessment Center for options and details.

  2. Completed Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Courses. Students who have completed a prerequisite or corequisite course at SBCC and received a satisfactory grade ("C" or higher) will be permitted to enroll in the subsequent course requiring the prerequisite.

  3. Equivalent/Substitute Coursework. Students may submit a request for evaluation of coursework completed at other institutions as satisfaction of prerequisites in order to register for the subsequent course. See Prerequisite Instructions & Forms for information.

  4. Other Options. In some cases prerequisites may be satisfied through means other than coursework; for example, a student who is already fluent in a foreign language but does not have any foreign language coursework. In such cases students must file a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form B. See Prerequisite Instructions & Forms for information.


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