Accreditation of 2002

This page contains information about the activities and documents developed by the college in relation to its 2001-02 self study for re-accreditation and the October 1-3, 2002 Accrediting Team Visit. In addition, relevant accreditation related documents and reports are also posted.

Midterm Accreditation Report October 2005 (PDF file)

Letter from ACCJC Reaffirming Accreditation

ACCJC Accreditation Certificate January 2003

2002 Institutional Self Study for Re-affirmation of Accreditation (PDF files)


Accrediting Team Evaluation Report (PDF file)

Accreditation Handbook for June 2001 Planning and Management Retreats 
(contains information on the environmental scanning conducted in April-May 2001, Self study proposal, communication with ACCJC regarding self study, SBCC Vision Statement, challenges facing the major instructional, service and administrative areas of the college)