Procedures for Enrollment of Minors in Noncredit Classes

SBCC allows high school students in grade 9 (age 14) to enroll in School of Extended Learning classes if they follow specific registration and enrollment procedures.

Any student age 17 or under who attempts enrollment in noncredit classes will be prompted to contact the Student Support Services office at the Schott Campus for information as to how to proceed. No student will be permitted to enroll in noncredit classes if they are under the age of 14.

If space in the class is available, students 14 – 17 will be registered but must follow this procedure:

  1. Complete a Minor Enrollment Request Form at either the Schott Campus, Wake Campus or from the off-campus instructor.
  2. The form must be completed and signed by a high school administrator, parents/guardians, and student.
  3. The completed form, along with the Registration form, must be returned to the Noncredit Admissions & Records office at the Schott Campus or Wake Campus. 
  4. The minor student may not attend class until they have completed and submitted all the required paperwork.
  5. Paper work is required of each student for every term in which the minor student enrolls.
  6. Adult students, 18 and older, will be given registration priority.