Older Adults

Classes specifically designed for older adults

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  • Spring and Summer 2021 are primarily offered online through live video conference format.  For class meeting updates and instructor email information, click the updated class list buttons below. 
  • Currently, our in-person, on-campus services are being offered remotely.

Courses for Older Adults are offered tuition-free to community members and offer a wide variety of topics taught by skilled professionals in each subject. Our classes are specifically designed for adults age 55 and over, and offer a welcoming and engaging environment for students of all levels. Students develop mental acuity and physical dexterity while learning and honing new skills in a variety of topics. 

For information regarding Older Adult Creative Art, Creative English, Creative Music, Creative Theatre, and Self Management classes, contact:
Ken Harris at keharris1@pipeline.sbcc.edu (805) 898-8140
Lauren Roberts at ltroberts@pipeline.sbcc.edu (805) 898-8142

Vitality Program

Updated Spring 2021 Vitality Classes  Updated Summer 2021 Vitality Classes

We offer over 60 offsite classes per week at independent, assisted, and memory care facilities in our community. Classes engage the mind and enhance social connection. We are proud to partner with 13 locations in our community. Adult children are also invited to participate in these classes with their parents.

For information about our Vitality program, contact:
Jeanette Chian at jchianbrooks@sbcc.edu 
(805) 683-8289
Emma L. Cruz at cruze@sbcc.edu (805) 683-8282.