Stress and Anxiety

Tips to Reduce Your Stress:

  1. Exercise daily - aerobics 30 minutes
  2. Allow 20 minutes in your day for total relaxation. Meditate, day dream, nap.
  3. Take a 10 minutes break every four hours in your work day.
  4. Take at least two weeks vacation every year.
  5. Organize work list. Check off list when work is done.
  6. Say no to overburdening tasks.
  7. Avoid a high intake of fat, sugars and alcohol.
  8. Socialize with friends one evening each week.
  9. Communicate feelings effectively. Don't keep them stored inside.
  10. Plan ahead. Have weekly, monthly, yearly projections and goals.
  11. Continue to grow and change. Don't stagnate.
  12. Delegate responsibilities.
  13. Laugh and express humor.
  14. Don't clutter your mind with worry. Focus on positive thoughts.
  15. Love and like yourself. Be proud

How to Release Tension at the End of a Long and Tense Day

  1. Physical exercise.
  2. Creative pursuits.
  3. Explore interests, hobbies, study, become a volunteer.
  4. Develop writing skills, write letters, journals, dreams and thoughts, goals and plans.
  5. Learn relaxation techniques: Use tapes, breathing, or meditation.
  6. Get recognition, and your needs fulfilled. Get touched - a hug.

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