De-Stress Zone

Studying, bussing it, grabbing food, texting, hanging out, working out, pulling an all nighter,  filling out scholarships, paying rent, getting sick, getting better, seeing family, working late, falling in love....Life is FULL.  Make sure RELAXATION is part of your day.  Find ideas below...  

All wound up? Try some deep breathing.  It's easy & free!

Deep Breathing/Visualization Technique:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Begin deep, calm breathing, in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Clear your mind.  Allow thoughts to drift by as you continue breathing.
  • Relax all muscles in the body from head to toe, one by one.
  • Release any remaining tension.  Imagine it flowing out of tips of fingers and toes.
  • Focus on a place (real or imagines) where you feel peaceful and safe.  Notice colors, smells, sounds.
  • Settle into this space, so you can re-create the feeling anytime.
  • When ready, open eyes and come back into the room feeling calm and relaxed.

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Listen to the Mindfulness and Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio recordings or view the yoga, relaxation and stretching videos.

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