Equal Employment Opportunity

A Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

Santa Barbara City College has a commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity and promotes practices that are nondiscriminatory.  We believe educational experiences provided in an inclusive environment best prepare students to succeed in a global society.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Plan is reflective of the College’s mission which affirms:

As a public community college dedicated to the success of each student . . .

Santa Barbara City College welcomes all students. The College provides a diverse learning environment and opportunities for students to enrich their lives, advance their careers, complete certificates, earn associate degrees, and transfer to four-year institutions. 

The College is committed to fostering an equitable, inclusive, respectful, participatory, and supportive community dedicated to the success of every student.

Santa Barbara City College’s core principles reinforce our mission and guides all aspects of instruction, organization, and innovation by promoting: student-centered policies, practices, and programs; participatory governance; a psychologically and physically supportive environment; free exchange of ideas across a diversity of learners; and the pursuit of excellence in all college endeavors.

This Plan confirms the commitment of the institution to equal employment opportunity and outlines active measures that ensure nondiscriminatory practices, including:

  • equal employment opportunity in recruitment and hiring policies and practices pursuant to the applicable Title 5 regulations (Section 53000 et seq.);
  • the steps the institution will take in the event of underrepresentation of monitored groups;
  • an analysis of the demographic makeup of the institution’s workforce population;
  • creation of a complaint procedure for noncompliance with the Title 5 provisions, relating to equal employment opportunity programs;
  • establishment of an Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee;
  • methods to support equal employment opportunity; and
  • procedures for dissemination of the Plan.

The institution endeavors to attract, hire, and retain faculty and staff who are sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the needs of the continually changing student body it serves. This Plan is intended to strengthen this important conversation of broadening our focus on inclusion and equity, and on building campus community. We welcome your thoughts and comments on how best to achieve these goals.