Employee Report a Concern Hotline


In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 or call Campus Security, X4200. From a non-campus phone, call (805) 730-4200. Complete this form after reporting an emergency or to report concerning behavior or conduct. 

Our goal at SBCC is to continually work to ensure a safe and responsive environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. SBCC is committed to fostering a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance — one where members of our community feel comfortable (1) raising and discussing compliance questions and (2) reporting serious concerns confidentially and without fear of retaliation.

Our commitment to that position guides us in establishing, promoting, and maintaining a robust reporting and response mechanism, allowing us to understand, intervene in, and better prevent unacceptable behaviors such as bias, discrimination, verbal or physical threats, sexual misconduct, substance abuse, student/employee grievances and serious policy violations. It also allows members of our community a convenient portal to share concerns, including behavioral observations or emotional changes in themselves or others who may be in need of intervention and/or support or assistance with resources.

SBCC provides a unified platform for the campus community to report concerns such as potential violation of any district policies. SBCC policies prohibit any action that unjustly discriminates, harasses, intimidates, threatens, retaliates against or creates an abusive or hostile educational or working environment for any student, faculty or staff member of SBCC. When in doubt, report it.

You can choose to file an anonymous and confidential report. Although knowing who is filing the report can be helpful, you are not required to provide identifiable information to file a Report of Concern. However, an anonymous report can be more difficult to investigate and remedy.

NOTICE: Like many websites we have access to the IP address of each device used to report. Ascertaining an identity from just an IP address is very difficult. If the report is submitted from a non-district device and you don’t provide a name, we have no way of knowing who the reporter is. Regardless of the source of the report, the District does not trace IP addresses and does not have the resources to do so. Should this ever change, we will make it known to our campus community in advance.

When problems at SBCC occur, we want to know about them. Prompt and timely reporting allows SBCC to take prompt action. We evaluate each report to determine how serious the problem is, and, if necessary, may request additional information from the person who filed the report before taking action. When concerns arise, it is our obligation to investigate and seek remedy for the situation including holding violators accountable. If you experience such negative behavior or witness it happen to others, we encourage you to report the incident immediately. 


  • Opens the door to effective communication.
  • Deters improper actions and behaviors.
  • Assists SBCC to fulfill its commitment to detection and prevention of misconduct.
  • It creates a permanent record. 
  • Anonymous reporting is optional. Use your own words to prevent being misunderstood. 


  • It is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, from any device.
  • It is available in English and Spanish.
  • The form allows you to enter as much information or as little information as you are comfortable providing. 
  • Based upon the nature of the report it is immediately routed to the appropriate personnel for review. SBCC personnel will respond within 72 hours.
  • Confirmation of report submission is optional. 


  • A student/employee who is demonstrating a concerning change in behavior or circumstance.
  • Suspicion of a policy violation.
  • Suspicion of unlawful activity. 


Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

For District Policies and Procedures relating to sexual misconduct that includes but is not limited to: discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence click on the links below:

Administrative Procedure 3434 - Title IX Policy and Procedure

Administrative Procedure 3435 – Discrimination and Harassment Complaints and Investigation

Board Policy 3052 - Employee Student Relationships

Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 3410 - Nondiscrimination

Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 3430 – Prohibition of Harassment

Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 3433 - Prohibition of Sexual Harassment Under Title IX:Definitions 

Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 3540 – Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus